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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your rates?

My standard rate is $250 PFH (Per Finished Hour) + $75PFH For Example: a 10-hour audiobook would cost $2500 + $750

If working through The Audiobook Empire or some other production house, my straight narration rate is $250 PFH, as they handle the post-production. 

Are there any other fees?

No, the $250 PFH covers Prep, Narration, and the $75 PFH covers the Post Production (Proofing, Editing and Mastering).

The Audiobook Empire and other production houses will have their own fees.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, and no. I don't ever want money to be the thing that keeps us from working together. That being said, this is my job and I need to make money doing this. However, I'm always willing to negotiate, help with fundraising, promote GoFundMe and other crowdsourcing projects, and work together to help you meet your financial goals so that we can make an epic audiobook! If you're ever not sure about working together because of the cost, please, please, talk to me! We can make it work!

Why does it cost so much?

The short answer is it takes me hours of work to produce 1 hour of finished audio. Audiobook narration and production is a lot of work and takes specialized training and tools to learn to do it on a professional level. Industry-standard rates start at $200 PFH and go clear up to $400+ PFH.

Do you do Royalty Share agreements?

No, and Yes. I don't do straight royalty share projects. Too often the narrator bears the brunt of the risk in producing a royalty share audiobook, and they just don't recuperate the cost of production.
I will do royalty share plus with a stipend of $120 PFH, IF I have some sort of assurance that the audiobook will sell well. Something like a proven sales track record or a strong marketing plan and budget.

Is there any content that you won't record?

Yes, I won't record books that have explicit sex scenes. Basically if the scene would be rated more than PG-13 it's a no go. I prefer to not record a lot of profanity, but it's not a complete deal breaker.

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